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Utah’s marriage rate has trended downward the last couple of decades, with a rate of 8.1 (per thousand persons) in 2015. Utah’s divorce rate was 3.6 in 2015 and has also been trending downward. While a decreasing divorce rate is a good sign for marriage, the fact remains that people are still getting divorced. If …


Whether the split is mutual or by one person, break ups can be hard.   A divorce will be an emotional journey for both the parties involved.   Not only do divorces involve splitting-up assets and liability, but the pain of breaking up a relationship cannot be measured monetarily.   The overall process is lengthy and stressful, especially …

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Anyone who has problems in his or her marriage and is considering getting a divorce knows that hiring a lawyer will not only expedite the process but also make sure that both sides get what they want in the separation. Even knowing that a divorce lawyer can make the unpleasant experience less frustrating, many people …

When it comes to finding a lawyer for divorce you simply cannot go ahead and get assistance from any family lawyer. You also cannot just jump and go to see the very first attorney you come across at the yellow pages. If you want a good and reliable Queens County Divorce Attorney you need to …

When a plaintiff wins or accepts a settlement during their personal injury case there are two ways they can accept the payments. The first option is to get all the money in a one lump sum and the second option is to receive the payment in a series over a certain period of time until …

Mostly, animals that you encounter are docile and they are not going to cause you any harm at all. These include snakes, dogs and cats. However, there may be some incidents where you come to some harm because of an animal. The owner of the animal may be liable because of the physical or mental …



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