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Whether the split is mutual or by one person, break ups can be hard.   A divorce will be an emotional journey for both the parties involved.   Not only do divorces involve splitting-up assets and liability, but the pain of breaking up a relationship cannot be measured monetarily.   The overall process is lengthy and stressful, especially …


Divorce is not something you think of when saying your marriage vows. In fact, it is not something you generally consider until it is happening to you. This is because, despite the national failure rate of marriages being 50%, most couples do not believe it will happen to them.   Unfortunately it does happen, there …

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Brain injuries are classified under two distinct categories. They are either acquired or result from trauma. Acquired brain injuries occur from the moment of birth and may include traumatic injuries as well as brain haemorrhage, tumour, encephalitis, or stroke. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) A traumatic brain injury, also called a TBI, results from a head …

The child custody instance is not only being tough but is also having many effects on both child and the parents. Always, it is advisable to considering a service of reputed child attorneys if you have no prior experience in dealing with the situations. Choose the best Child Custody Lawyer to handle your case to …

So, you have been through an accident? That can truly be traumatic. Not only the body suffers the assault of injury, mind too goes through a tremendous setback. This is something everyone dreads, yet, some unfortunate souls are forced to live through. When you are injured due to someone else’s fault, when you miss your …

The family lawyer handles different types of cases. Huge numbers of lawyers are now existed to give the best result to a client. When comes to divorce case the attorney allows the child to spend time with their parents. The Family Lawyers in Salem handles divorce mediation, child support, parenting rights and more. The lawyers …



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