5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Hire a Lawyer

In most of our daily lives there is no reason to need a lawyer, but occasionally things happen where we do need to hire a solicitor to represent us. Just like when you’re feeling sick you’ll need to consult with a doctor, a lawyer is an expert in their field and will know things to help you. Here are five common reasons why we may need to hire a solicitor:

  1. Family law

People most often use a lawyer when going through a divorce or civil dissolution. This is because people and families will go from a status of cohabitation, or living together, also with shared finances which now needs to be separated. Often there are children involved, and family law also deals with child care and visitations, to ensure that the fairest solution is reached for both parents, and their children.

  1. Children’s law

This is another sensitive area of the law. Custody or care proceedings can be extremely stressful to deal with alone, so it is usually best to hire a solicitor who knows the ins-and-outs of the law. Trained lawyers will be experienced in these cases, whereas for you it may be your first time dealing with it.

  1. Property law

Aside from estate agents, we always need to hire a solicitor to assist with the transfer of a property into our names. Many law firms are kept most busy with property law, there are many solicitors in Nottingham and the East Midlands to assist with a property transfer, and they will make it a smooth process for all parties. Buying or selling a home is a major event in all of our lives.

  1. Wills and probate law

As we reach retirement and old age we’ll want to draw up a will to make sure our loved ones are conveniently looked after when we’re gone. There are lawyers who specialise in inheritance tax and laws. Likewise, lawyers can be hired to contest a will, if you think it is not fair or correct.

  1. Dispute resolution and mediation services

Quite often we will not be happy about a legal decision, and under civil law we have every right to dispute it. Disputes fall into two main categories: business or personal. Business disputes include issues such as unfair dismissal, or misconduct under contractual obligations. Personal disputes include things like property boundary disagreements and personal injury claims in the case of an accident.

Choosing a Lawyer that’s Right for You

It’s not often that we’ll need to hire a lawyer, but when we do we need to make sure we are selecting the right one. Legal services fall into five main categories, but there are others. If you’re not sure, but feel like you could use a lawyer, then you should contact your local law firm for a consultation. They will then be able to advise you on any possible courses of action to take and if they can supply you with a solicitor.

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