A Guide to Making a Critical Illness Claim

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There are certain cases when a person can claim on an insurance policy that was taken out by their employer, and most companies will provide limited cover for their workers, and critical illness often falls into that category. If you are thinking of making such a claim, here is a guide to help the process a smooth one.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

This is sometimes called trauma insurance, and many employers will provide this cover within the employment package, which might include manufacturing plants, warehouses, and this covers the employee for a range of specific conditions, which might include the following:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Kidney Failure
  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • HIV Infection

There are many other medical conditions that might be included in the policy, it very much depends on the employer, and if you think you can make a claim for a critical illness, you should talk to an experienced superannuation lawyer, who can quickly establish exactly where you stand.

Contacting the Right Lawyer

Of course, the first thing you must do if you wish to make a critical illness claim is to source an experienced superannuation lawyer, and there are online legal practices that do specialise in critical illness claims, and if the lawyer feels you have a strong claim, they might take on the case on a no win-no fee basis, which means you have nothing to pay until you receive your settlement.

Superannuation Disputes

It is often the case where the claimant feels they are eligible, and they wish to receive a superannuation payout, yet the fund manager rejects the claim, and in this case, the dispute would be settled by an appointed judge. The claimant would require an experienced superannuation lawyer, who would have also assisted in the initial claim process, and the legal expert would review your position, and in the event they felt that your case was not strong enough, they would advise you to desist. It is only when the lawyer thinks you have a strong case that they would advise taking the matter to the courts.

Out of Court Settlements

It is often the case when a claim is not in dispute, and both parties would negotiate a settlement out of court. Your lawyer’s negotiation skills would most certainly come into play at this point, and hopefully, your legal counsel can secure a favourable outcome. In the event a claimant rejects an offer and wishes to proceed to the court, there is a risk of being at a disadvantage, if the ruling goes against them.

When making a critical illness claim, it is essential to seek out the services of an experienced superannuation lawyer, and with online solutions, making contact with the right people has never been easier. These cases can be lengthy, yet with the right legal counsel, the outcome is very often satisfactory for the claimant, so if you feel you have a justifiable claim, contact a superannuation lawyer.

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