Advice from Divorce Lawyers during Divorce

There are key things that you should keep in mind when you are going through a divorce. Any divorce lawyer should be going through this with you.

Domestic Violence

The first mistake that most people make is engaging in domestic violence or stalking. This can really have a detrimental effect on your case because one of the things it can lead to is criminal charges and domestic violence injunctions. The thing about either of those is that both of them can have long-term consequences on your future. If you have a security clearance, then, you can bid that goodbye if you endup with a criminal charge like that. Even with domestic violence injunction, it can affect background checks for work and maybe otherwise. Therefore, stay clear of your spouse even if things get so tensed and heated up.

Hate Messages

Leaving emails and voice messages.  You do not want to be leaving angry andhurtful messages because they have a tendency to pop back up in cases. The same holds true for social media platforms. Be careful with what you post out there. Mind about putting yourself in a position of a judge looking at your emails or listening to your voicemails because of that maybe the very position that you are going to be later on.

Parental Alienation

The other thing that you want to look out for, and it being a huge mistake is what is called in the law world parental alienation. This is where you start talking to the kids telling them how awful your spouse is. “Your mom/dad is such a terrible person…” Be guaranteed that in most cases, it is not that quite wise and the words are not as diplomatic as you think. The thing is, this can have a consequence on your case – because a lot of times it comes out later. If you ever have a child psychologist in the case, who is a neutral party in the case, they look at the whole situation and give a recommendation to the court. This kind of alienation can come out and really affect your case. It also puts the children in a really awkward position if you were wrong and have some really bad consequences for their future and their psyche. Divorce lawyers want you to have as good of a divorce as they can to protect the children.

Litigation is Not for Revenge.

The fourth thing is using litigation as a tool for revenge. At the end of the day, you will have spent a lot of money and you will still not have solved the issue and the anger that really prompted the whole thing. Use you divorce to protect your rights, to make sure that you have a good parenting plan for your child.

The final mistake is ignoring claims of drug and alcohol use. If your spouse is accusing you of using drugs or alcohol, then that is a claim to take very seriously. The recommendation about this immediately preempts that by taking a drug test. This will help defend you in court. This not only paints you clean but also destroys the credibility of the false accusation that your spouse is making.

There is a lot more to talk about divorce cases by the divorce lawyers. But these are five things that you should consider.

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