Call the Specialists: Make Sure Your Employees Have the Right to Work


When your business depends on quality employees who come to the UK from other countries, it’s more than important for employers to make sure that the workers have the legal right to work. Most business owners and managers have enough responsibility with everyday operations and they can’t be expected to be fully knowledgeable about the many different visa types in circulation. But they have the legal obligation to make sure that proper checks are conducted before they hire.

Employer, Employee

With reliable immigration advice and services in Leeds, the company owner, manager, and employees will be sure that they’re in compliance. Consultation with an expert in this field makes these services available:

  • Visa types for employees
  • Verifying right to work
  • Status during visa application or appeal
  • Assisting with responses from Home Office
  • Helping with adverse Home Office decisions
  • Training employer’s staff

Specific steps are required in this process so it would be wise to have expert assistance along the way. Failure to comply with requirements can mean termination of employment contracts, fines, loss of sponsorship licence, even potential imprisonment.


Employees who don’t meet these requirements or don’t have the proper visas may be directed to leave the UK along with their families. Unfortunately, the checking service through Home Office sometimes provides confusing, incomplete information, which may lead to serious problems for both employer and employee.

With an experienced specialist on your side, you can reduce or eliminate the stress and uncertainty, making sure that all checks are completed to avoid illegality or negative consequences.

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