Different Types of Crime Scene Clean Up

Whenever we hear of the word crime scene, the first thing that comes to mind is always death and everybody of focuses on the events that took place and the people involved. But have you ever wondered about what happens to the crime scene after the investigation concludes? If it is a house, do the people who live there go back and do the cleaning themselves? These are the most common questions asked whenever the topic is about crime scenes. There is crime scene clean up services which do the cleaning. They are trained professionals who are experts when it comes to proper cleaning and sanitation of different crime scenes so it would be livable again. And believe it or not, when they say crime scene clean up, it covers a broad range of crime scenes you might not have considered.

Murder Clean Up

It is the most popular type of crime scene. Cleaning up after this can take just one hour to forty hours depending on the situation. For violent deaths where a lot of blood, guts, and fluids are on site, it requires transcendent cleaning. The first step is to remove any body parts, wipe off blood and bodily fluids and dispose of them properly since they are biohazards. The next step is to scrub every corner and surface to ensure the removal of every particle. The next step is purifying the place with hospital grade disinfectants.

Unattended Death Clean Up

When it comes to unattended death, the tendency is that the body is already in the stage of decomposition when found. For a body dead for days or weeks, many changes take place. Body fluids come out since skin liquefies itself, the organs begin to self-digest and insects and worms start to take over. The worst part perhaps is the smell; this is due to the ammonia gas released by the body during decomposition. All these are hazardous and may cause different health hazards. Therefore, professionals are hired to do the decontamination of the crime scene for safety and health purposes.

Suicide Clean Up

Suicide is somewhat similar to unattended death. The body may be dead for days, weeks or even months and therefore it becomes a primary source of contamination and different health hazards. Professionals do the cleaning not just to ensure the safety and health of everyone in the place but to minimize the trauma of the deceased loved ones had to go through. Crime scene cleaners try their best to restore these sites into how they were before the crimes and accidents that took place.

Tear Gas Clean Up

You might be thinking that this is different from the scenes mentioned above. Yes, it is true, the scenario is different, but the cleanup process is similar. Tear gas is often used by the police themselves when intervening in a crime. It is a helpful substance when trying to resolve crime, but the cleanup is difficult. All the remnants of the gas should be cleaned to prevent bringing harm to the people in the environment. It is advised therefore to be careful when dealing with this gas. It is best to hire professionals to do the job for minimal damage.

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