Effects of Divorce on Children

child custody

Everybody likes to live in a close knit family and divorce is one of the most traumatizing things that happen in the life of an individual. The children are the worst people who get affected by the parent’s divorce.

When parents get divorced, the divorce also occurs between the children and the parents and there is a decline in the relationship between parents and the child. After divorce most of the parents have intra psychic conflicts and the relationship between the parents and the children deteriorates further. Especially for divorced mothers the stress caused by divorce often damages the relationship with her child.

There are many things that tend to affect a child after his parent’s divorce and given below is a list of those things:

  • Researches prove that the support that the children receive from the parents who are divorced are much lesser as compared to the support that the children receive from parents who are not divorced. In fact this support becomes far lesser when these children reach high school or college. The emotional support, the financial assistance that are received by the children of divorced parents are much lesser as compared to children who do not come from broken families.
  • In case of a divorce between the parents the trust of the child for his parents also deteriorates and the closeness between the parent and the child is also reduced. The relationship between parent and the child depends a lot on the family bonding and it is important that there is good relationship between the parents so that child feels secured within the family.
  • The children from broken homes tend to move out of their homes much earlier than the children from families which have a close bonding.

Therefore, it is very much clear from the above discussion that divorce between parents does have a very negative impact on children. However, there are times when this divorce is essential for mutual peace and in order to ensure that the case is in your favor, it is important that you contact a reputed family lawyer like Calli Hisey .

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