Eyewitness accounts may be inconclusive

One of the most unfortunate things that can happen to someone is to get wrongfully accused of something they did not do, not only do they get slapped with something they did not do, it can also ruin their lives. More often than not, there are cases wherein people are wrongfully accused of a crime and are arrested for something they did not do. This is usually a case of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time and unfortunately, the individual resembles the real perpetrator to some extent.

Eyewitness accounts are of course somewhat unreliable to an extent especially when they have undergone a traumatic event. They may only remember bits and pieces of what actually happened and oftentimes attach these certain details to whatever the closest resemblance to it is. For instance, the perpetrator might have been wearing a black hoodie but the eyewitness might only remember the perpetrator as a person wearing a dark jacket, leaving key details behind making it possible for a person wearing a dark jacket to be identified as a suspect. One sure way to clear one’s name is by undergoing a lie detector test and contrary to popular belief, these tests are very accurate. Head on down to http://www.liedetectortest.com/ if you’re keen on learning more.

It might just spare the person a life behind bars 

If ever the saying “the truth will set you free” needs a moment, then there is no better moment than this. A polygraph test may just be the only way to clear one’s name in the event of a case of mistaken identity wherein there are no other leads or evidence pertaining to the case aside from eyewitness accounts. The person in question is given a chance to clear his or her name with the lie detector test, provided that of course, it is indeed a case of mistaken identity.

The examiner will assess the person in question and will ask a series of yes or no questions pertaining to the incident as well as it will give the jury something to go on if ever the case goes into court.

Getting the jitters

While the polygraph test might detect nervousness in an individual during questioning, it will in no way affect the end result of the test. Having an experienced examiner is the key to clearing a name. Examiners can identify whether the person is telling the truth or not regardless if the person in question is nervous or not.

While nervousness might be detected by the reading, the examiner can differentiate whether the reading is because of nervousness or if in fact the person in question is telling the truth or not.

These examiners have undergone the training needed to do such as well as they have graduated from a polygraph school and is more than well equipped to handle the task at hand.

One thing to remember during a polygraph test is that the assessment of the individual doesn’t start when he or she is hooked up to the machine but rather starts from the moment the person in question walks into the room. In any case, the polygraph test may well be the deciding factor in determining the innocence of the person in question.

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