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Prenuptial agreements are a way to establish property and financial rights before marriage, in cases of divorce. However, many ask, are issues relating to children included in prenups? While it sounds fancy to include child support and child custody in the agreement, these are not included. These are not options in prenuptial agreements.

The primary focus of a prenuptial agreement is property and financial rights. The prenup only addresses the appropriate amount of alimony, the division of debts, the division of properties, and the specific confidentialities between the parties post-divorce.

Prenuptial Agreements Don’t Cover…

Child custody and child support or even visitation rights for current children or those that are to be born from the marriage are not covered. All issues that involve children will need a judge to finalize the decisions according to the child’s best interest at the time of divorce.

Prenuptial Agreements Cover…

Property rights and inheritance of children from those of prior relationships, when applicable. The written agreement can stipulate terms and conditions that claim the children’s rights from a relationship that existed before the current marriage. For instance, a parent who wants to make sure that a child from a previous relationship inherits a family business, a property, or heirloom can demand a prenup agreement.

Woodstock divorce lawyers are skillful and knowledgeable not only in court representations but in prenuptial agreements as well. These family lawyers in Woodstock GA can help individuals, estranged husbands and wives; understand the specifics of the law in everything that will impact the involved children. It is extremely important to understand how the laws affect marriages and family members when unexpected endings happen.

Are you looking for more information about Georgia’s prenuptial agreements? Woodstock GA attorneys are here to help. While these professionals work for a living, they too can feel the protective nature of parents in making sure that children’s best interest is always the priority, even when seeking for personal happiness.

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