How To Build a Client-Customer Relationship With a Lawyer

Building a client-customer relationship with your lawyer is important. Most likely, your New York criminal attorney is the one person that can either help you win or lose your criminal case.

Paying much attention to making sure you understand each other is a must. Working with a lawyer basically requires meeting up every now and then, and discussing evidence and situations. Which you both have to be honest. But what if you don’t have trust to them?

This is the very reason why you should build a client-customer relationship with your lawyer to build rapport and trust with them. Doing so can give you a lightweight feeling in working with them and it also lets you open up so easily. That way you both can help each other in winning the case.

When people trust you and have a good relationship with you, they are likely to put their loyalty to your company, products, or services. This is true even if they do not fully understand yet how they will benefit you.

However, rapport is based on a strong trust between two persons. And since gaining someone’s trust is not always easy, it can also be difficult to build rapport almost instantly. Today, let’s find out how you can easily build rapport with your New York criminal attorney.

Establishing Rapport with Clients Easily

Establishing rapport with your attorney may be frustrating at first especially if you don’t know what to do. This is so true when you’re trying to build a relationship with someone you barely know or haven’t met yet in person. A single wrong move can completely ruin your relationship with them.

Failing to establish a rapport will cause you to ruin your case, or worst for them to stop fighting for you— so you end up finding another New York criminal attorney to defend you.

But no, that’s not happening! Here are ways you can build rapport to successfully build a good connection with your attorney.

1 Use Their Name When Conversing

People always feel good when they hear their own name. They feel known, acknowledged, and respected. You want your attorney to feel the same— that they’re being honored and that you appreciate their individuality.

So, to make your New York criminal attorney feel good and comfortable with you, use their name when you’re talking to each other. In some countries, addressing someone with “sir” or “ma’am,” followed by the person’s personal name is a sign of courtesy and respect.

In casual occasions, like when you are meeting your attorney for a coffee or small chitchat, calling them by their name is good to make them feel more comfortable and to lighten the situation.


2 Always Use Positive Wording

Using the right choice of words is the fastest way to build trust with your attorney. For example, instead of answering “I don’t know,” say “Let me take a look” or “I’m going to consult with a colleague.”

Using positive and appropriate words will help you approach your client. So remember to talk to them nicely will also make them feel comfortable being with you. Once your attorney becomes comfortable with you, they will then begin to trust you and you will begin to see their real intentions— that’s when you realized if they’re worthy for your trust too.

3 Listen to Them as They Speak

Listening and acknowledging their solutions is the best thing you can do.  Your New York criminal attorney will be more comfortable doing business with you if you’re an active listener. Being an active listener allows you to fully understand the situation and the things you need to do to win the case.

You also have to open up to them. Remember that the only way they can help you is for you them to have a better understanding of your situation to give them an idea of how they can give assistance to fill your needs.

You won’t miss any details if you’re an active listener. That’s why you can easily provide recommendations or help if you’re listening to them thoroughly.

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