How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Divorce is not something you think of when saying your marriage vows. In fact, it is not something you generally consider until it is happening to you. This is because, despite the national failure rate of marriages being 50%, most couples do not believe it will happen to them.  

Unfortunately it does happen, there are a huge number of reasons why it occurs and every couple’s situation is unique.  

The first step in divorce is to attempt to come to an amicable arrangement. This is possible but is not an option that suits everyone; it will depend upon the reasons for the divorce. This is also the cheapest method s a divorce attorney will cost you.  

If you have to choose a divorce attorney then follow these steps to get the right one:

  • Practical Approach

You must understand that a divorce attorney will deal with the practical affairs of your marriage. They will oversee the splitting of assets and negotiate finances; including support if necessary.  

What they will not do is offer you a shoulder to cry on. You must keep it business like with them in order to facilitate the process and minimize your costs.  

  • Know Your Goal

You should establish what you would like to achieve from the divorce. This should be a fair settlement not simply a desire to have everything.Knowing what you want will make it easier for your divorce attorney to advise you and they will know what they need to aim for.  

  • Locate 3 Divorce Attorneys

Once you have established what you need you can deal with choosing the right divorce attorney.The first step is to locate at least three attorneys in your local area who specialize in divorce proceedings.  

Do not forget that you cannot have the same attorney as your partner.  

  • Research and Meet

Once you have chosen several attorneys you need to research their success rate and their experience.This is generally very easy to do by talking to friends and looking at forums online.  

People who have used particular attorneys before will generally be happy to share their stories. This will allow you to narrow down your search to the best divorce attorney.  

You can then arrange to meet them and outline your case. Their response and your feelings will help you to make the final decision.  

  • Decide and commit

The final decision is a matter of personal preference.    Of course you will want a divorce attorney who as a wealth of experience and is generally successful.    But, you will also want one that you can talk to and trust. The settlement they negotiate for you will affect you for the rest of your life!

Divorce is not generally a pleasant experience but, with the right divorce attorney you can get a good outcome in a relatively short space of time. This will limit the amount of time you feel that your life is on hold and make it easier to maintain civil relations with your ex-partner; something which could be essential if they will want access to the children.  

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