Knowing Grounds for filing a Divorce Case

Divorce decree, gavel and folder shot on warm wooden surface

The rate at which divorces are being filed is absolutely startling, the statistics reveal that every single day, more and more rates of divorce are being filed. It has sort of given a shake to the sacred institution of marriage; however, the conditions and situations that compel an individual to file a case of divorce cannot be overlooked.

Even after this, the grounds for divorce vary from place to place. The moment you start thinking of a divorce, it is advisable that you should immediately consult an experienced professional attorney like the ones available at the Marrison Family Law.

This law firm of Colorado Springs harbors some of the best lawyers of divorce, family law and other similar cases. They feel a sense of responsibility towards the residents of their hometown and have taken it upon themselves to very carefully help these people out with one of the most difficult situations of life, their divorce.

The most obvious thing that counts as a ground for divorce is inhuman and cruel domestic torture, it does not necessarily have to be the female who is tortured, there are instances where the male is equally and even more tortured. The Marrison Family Law has seen innumerable such cases over the past twenty five years and that is how they are able to so efficiently handle a case so fragile as a divorce. It is the experience of a divorce lawyer that is very essential in ascertaining whether or not you can hire the same. The qualification, communication skill and case building skill are some of the other qualities of a divorce attorney that make him reliable.

Sexual harassment forms another ground for filing a divorce, this is a situation in which there is bullying pertaining to sexual nature, or certain promises are made in exchange for sexual favors. The United States has strict laws against such actions and maintains “it is unlawful to harass a person because of that person’s sex.”

Adultery is the next most common ground for divorce, this is also known as an affair of extramarital sex. This thing is objectionable on social, religious, moral as well as legal grounds. According to history too, the act of adultery has been considered as very serious crime that even included capital punishment in some places and traditions.

Alcoholism, disability or impotence, desertion, imprisonment form some other factors that are considered valid for anyone to file a case of divorce. The last and an extremely predominant ground for divorce is domestic violence.  This category includes all forms of torture inflicted on either of the spouse; physical, mental, sexual and emotional.

The spouse who files a case on these particular grounds has to give the details for his/her allegations that would describe the date and place where these allegations were carried out. The spouse making the allegations has to be able to prove his/her point.

Divorce, in any form and on any grounds is never a welcome thing, it is not something that any couple would even dare to dream when they get married, however, when situations become unbearable and that is the only resort, it is best to take the assistance of a divorce attorney.

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