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Utah’s marriage rate has trended downward the last couple of decades, with a rate of 8.1 (per thousand persons) in 2015. Utah’s divorce rate was 3.6 in 2015 and has also been trending downward. While a decreasing divorce rate is a good sign for marriage, the fact remains that people are still getting divorced. If …


Whether the split is mutual or by one person, break ups can be hard.   A divorce will be an emotional journey for both the parties involved.   Not only do divorces involve splitting-up assets and liability, but the pain of breaking up a relationship cannot be measured monetarily.   The overall process is lengthy and stressful, especially …

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You can go ahead and contest a will by yourself so as to save yourself some cash. However, this just might not be a good idea and rather, you should contemplate hiring a solicitor to assist you. When you are seeking a solicitor, you should consider a number of options. The cost of a professional …

Did you know that arrest records are public records? It is true. In the past, these were shared through various print publications and were limited to the communities in which the offenders live, work and were arrested. However, thanks to the expansion of the internet, arrest records for all types of offenses can now be …

A personal injury attorney will assist you in claiming compensation for the injuries you have suffered. While this is a situation that most people will hope they are never in, it is a sad fact that as many as 50 million will be injured each year in the US. This is just from road traffic …

All employees regardless of their work area are entitled to work in a safe environment; that is an environment that does not put their health or safety at risk.   Despite this, accidents happen on a daily basis.   A workplace accidents lawyer can help victims exploring the different compensation options.   However, many times a worker compensation …



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