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Utah’s marriage rate has trended downward the last couple of decades, with a rate of 8.1 (per thousand persons) in 2015. Utah’s divorce rate was 3.6 in 2015 and has also been trending downward. While a decreasing divorce rate is a good sign for marriage, the fact remains that people are still getting divorced. If …


Whether the split is mutual or by one person, break ups can be hard.   A divorce will be an emotional journey for both the parties involved.   Not only do divorces involve splitting-up assets and liability, but the pain of breaking up a relationship cannot be measured monetarily.   The overall process is lengthy and stressful, especially …

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The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), state court or other administrative agency can suspend your licence for a number of different reasons. It is required that they will send you a notice via mail to your last-known place of abode. Should you have moved residence without notifying the DMV about your new address, you can …

According to JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), medical negligence is one of the biggest cause of death in the United States, right behind cancer and heart disease. We can say only that in the last year over $3 billion was spent on medical malpractice claims, which means that one payout is made on …

Anyone who uses marijuana in a country where it is illegal knows that they will have to face with the consequences. The law stipulates penalties for all actions concerning “narcotic drugs”, as narcotics are defined in this legal act. will explain to you what will happen if you get caught with marijuana. First of …

What type of crime are you facing now? Does it really matter? Whether you are facing a minor or a major crime, you still need to hire the right Toronto criminal defense lawyer especially if you do not want to spend time behind bars. You would need someone who has already handled cases that are …



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