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It is normal to have feelings of dissatisfaction once a case comes to an end and you are on the bitter side as a victim of an unfair trial. The sensitive nature of family cases makes this even harder to bear as you cannot contemplate living a life of misery because of mistakes made during …


Most people have been known to put off writing the Will unless they had reached the 50s. Most of them would put is off longer. They might wait until they reach the 60s before they actually make their first will. During your 20s, 30s and 40s, you would be earning money, have made a house …

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Finding the right lawyer to handle your case can be an intimidating task for many reasons.The Internet can be a great resource, but it can be full of lawyers who have impressive sites, professional credentials and success rates that exceed 98%. Friends can be a great resource too, but, while your friends may know many …

Whenever we hear of the word crime scene, the first thing that comes to mind is always death and everybody of focuses on the events that took place and the people involved. But have you ever wondered about what happens to the crime scene after the investigation concludes? If it is a house, do the …

In a globalised world, movement of goods and people keeps happening round the clock. There are many people who have to leave their native places in order to find work or resettle in a totally different country. Something like this involves a lot of paperwork, clearances etc. During such a process, it is always necessary …

In the world of law, an informed client is often referred to as the best client. As a client, you should choose a criminal defence lawyer only after careful consideration and scrutiny. The mere reliance on video presentations and slick websites are not enough to make a concrete and informed decision. Experts suggest that you …



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