Panama Canal Expansion Breathes New Life into Ocean Freight Industry

By sea or by air, which is the better option for a modern business with international shipping needs? It’s only been the last century or so there was even a choice, before air-freight came along ocean freighting was the only way, period. Many will say it still is the most economical means of moving freight and they would be right. Yes, air may be faster but it’s also more expensive and besides, planes crash far more often than an ocean freighter goes down. Modern ships driven by powerful engines are capable of delivery in days, not weeks or months and with the improvements made to the Panama Canal, companies like Whale Logistics are looking very good.
Canals Shrink the World’s Oceans to A More Manageable Size
Without canals like the Panama, ocean freighting wouldn’t be practical in our modern world. As one of the busiest water ways on the planet, congestion is or was a serious problem at times, but steps have been taken to correct that. The Panama Canal Authorities are well on their way to resolving traffic issues that help get even the larger ships through in a timelier fashion.

  • Deeper, wider entrances at both the Atlantic and Pacific.
  • Gatun Lake’s increase of maximum operating level.
  • Deepening and widening of Gatun and Culebra Cut navigational channels.
  • Post Panamax locks at both Atlantic and the Pacific.

By 2020 improvements made to the Panama Canal are predicted to increase traffic up to 51 vessels a day. With newer, stronger tugs the time required to help move them along through the canal from one ocean to another is greatly reduced. Freighters have only gotten bigger through the decades and thanks to these very sensible improvements they can use the Panama now with just as much ease as smaller vessels. Without these improvements, the Panama Canal would have become the last choice for Ocean freighting, now it’s the first thanks to billions spent on a long overdue improvement project.
Perhaps one of the best reasons for choosing to transport anything via ocean freight instead of air is how popular and politically correct the “green factor” is these days. It’s a fact CO2 emissions from air transport are much higher than by sea. At the end of it all, when a consumer is trying to decide between one product or another, many of them are going to choose the one that left the least carbon fingerprint in its travels.
Social awareness and public image can have a definite impact on a company’s bottom line. Companies who don’t present the image the public wants to identify with aren’t going to get the sales, it’s that simple. Consumers who take the “green way” seriously are why ocean freighting is still the best choice for international transport. No one wants to admit doing business with a company that doesn’t care about the environment at least as much as they do.

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