The Documents That A Solicitor Can Help You With During A House Sale

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A house sale is not just the simple task of receiving money and then handing the keys over to the new owner.

There are many documents that need to be completed with the help of a Kent conveyancing solicitor so that the sale of the house is transparent and completely legal.

Which documents can a solicitor help you with the sale of your property?

The Contract

The contract is the most important document that is put together when you are selling your home. You may not know how this document is constructed. Instead, a solicitor will be able to help you.

This will speed up the process.

  • The contract will include the price that the house sold for.
  • The contract will include the boundaries of your property.
  • The contract will include details about the fixtures in the house. This will include the carpets in the bedroom and the radiators in the living room.
  • The contract will include any planning restrictions that mean the property cannot be extended.
  • The contract will include the date that the sale will be completed.

How The Contract Is Exchanged

You do not need to keep the finished contract in your house or on your computer. Instead, you will be able to let the solicitor deal with the exchange of the contracts after you have signed it.

The Benefits Of Using A Solicitor

The main benefit of using a solicitor in Tunbridge Wells will be that you can save some time. You may not be familiar with some of the legal jargon that you may not be familiar with. The solicitor will let you know when the contract has been completed.

Who Will This Service Benefit?

This service will benefit a large number of people.

First-Time Sellers

You may not have sold a house before, so you can hire a solicitor to help you with a house sale. You will not have to get involved in the process.


Landlords may feel that it is time to sell the house rather than rent it out to other people. You may want to hand this responsibility to a professional solicitor. Once the contract has been sorted out, you will be able to sell the house properly.


People who are “flipping” houses will need to employ the services of a solicitor. Once the house has been done up and you have found a buyer, the solicitor will be able to step in and draw up the contract that is needed. You can do this every time that you would like to sell a house.

Overall Review Of The Article

You will need to have a contract created so that you will be able to sell the house quickly and efficiently. You will not need to draft the contract by yourself so that it will save you time. First-time sellers, investors and landlords will be able to use the services of a competent property solicitor.

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