The Utah workers compensation

A work injury can not only disrupt your life but it can also cause disruption to your career and finances. Those working in Utah who is clueless about the worker’s compensation system should be aware of it and how it can compensate for the losses if they meet with an injury ever. The worker’s compensation also limits the amount of money that one can receive from their employer. There are a few times when one might have to even hire a compensation lawyer. Those working in Utah should know about the following factors because of which one might have to hire Utah workers compensation lawyer.

When you need a lawyer?

If any of these factors are true then one might have to hire a compensation lawyer:

  • The workplace injuries that you have received are severe enough to get a surgery.
  • If you and your doctor believe that your health might not return to the prior state, then you are entitled to a permanent partial disability award.
  • If you are sure that you want be able to work any longer on a regular basis in any job.
  • You believe that you cannot go back to the same work but you can work in the same capacity somewhere else.
  • You already have pre-existing disabilities.
  • If you believe that you are not receiving the right benefits and believe that you should receive additional benefits.
  • In case you want to challenge a decision made by your employer, your employer’s insurance company or the state’s worker’s compensation division regarding the worker’s compensation claim.
  • You are being denied the medical benefits.
  • If your employer has disputed a decision that is made by the state worker’s compensation division.
  • In case you do not understand the worker’s compensation process and would feel better if an expert was there to represent your interests.

Types of compensation claims

There are two types of worker’s compensation claims that can be filed by a Utah workers compensation lawyer:

  • Administrative claim- If the injury that you have incurred is due to the negligence of your co-workers or employer; then you are entitled to an administrative claim. With this claim you can get compensation for medical bills and wages that you have lost. One can also receive benefits for their permanent impairments as well.
  • Third party claim- This type of a claim is filed in case your work related injury as because of someone who is not your co-worker or employer. The civil court handles such types of claims; these claims allow one to collect benefits for the expenses also as an administrative claim. In this claim one can get compensation for their pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment in life. Future economic loss can also be considered.

All Utah lawyers can fight for worker’s compensation and can also help in determining the benefits that one is entitled to based on the details of the accident. One just needs to justify their work related injuries to an insurance company on time.

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