Things to Do When Your Insurance Claim is Denied

Now your home is damaged due to fire, storm or any other disaster. Believing you will be compensated by the insurance company, you file a claim only to get rejected. That is not only shocking but is also disheartening to say at least. Probably the first thing you do is to shout obscenities at the poor insurance agent, and that’s an understandable thing to be honest.

However, calm down and address the situation with a clear mind. Seek legal help for insurance disputes and you will get the compensation you deserve. With that, let Cohen Law Group guide you through the process of fighting for your insurance claims.

Understand the Contents of your Policy

It is a must that you fully know the provisions in your policy. Doing otherwise will be futile for you and your insurance claims attorney. Think of the possible reasons why your claim was denied. Reasons include from failing to take preventive measures to simply the cause was not included to the policy. Review the contract again and see if you missed any important details.

If that got lost during the disaster, ask the insurance company to furnish you another copy.

Seek a Copy of the Denial

You should receive a copy of the formal notification for the denial of your insurance claim. There, the insurance company must be able to point the provision that supports their actions. If you do not receive a letter, do some follow-up to the agent. They are obliged to explain what happened to the denial of your claim.

Once you receive the letter, compare their reasons with your policy contract with the help of an insurance claims attorney. Were they able to capture all the circumstances about your claim? Did you document the damage carefully in the form of photographs? Do you think the denial was done correctly? If you think something is amiss with the denial, ask for clarification.

However, if even the insurance claims attorney thinks the denial was justified, perhaps take note of your lapse and never commit the same mistake next time.

File an Appeal

Filing an appeal without a rebuttal in mind may lose you the chance to successfully claim the compensation. A good insurance claims attorney will provide an independent assessment of the appeal, provide rebuttals then come up with a more compelling reason later. They should be able to give a good perspective on your case.

Inquire as to how long your appeal will be resolved. Nonetheless, do not expect the process to go on quickly. Follow up once the deadline has passed and they did not send words about your appeal.

Bring the Case to the Court

If your appeal is still denied, now it is time to file an insurance claims dispute to an arbitration. Keep in mind that the attorney will assess whether you have a strong chance to win and if the value of the compensation is worth it given the lengthy process and the legal fees. You may also file a complaint to a regulatory agency, if you think court hearings are too long.

With that, Cohen Law Group wishes a resolution for your case and hopes that you take preventive measures in the future for a successful insurance claim.

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