Three relevant questions to ask before hiring a criminal defence lawyer

In the world of law, an informed client is often referred to as the best client. As a client, you should choose a criminal defence lawyer only after careful consideration and scrutiny. The mere reliance on video presentations and slick websites are not enough to make a concrete and informed decision. Experts suggest that you should meet the prospective lawyer for a one to one meeting in person. In this way, you can learn about his work experience, capability and expertise. Moreover, you need to display strong faith and trust in your lawyer once you hire him to achieve satisfaction and a successful outcome.

Does the criminal defence lawyer offer a free consultation?

It should be mentioned that a lawyer could not provide an accurate fee quote or sound advice during a 5-minute conversation on the telephone. Therefore, it is imperative to have face-to-face communication with a lawyer. Usually, during the free consultation period, the lawyer will review your criminal history, educational and employment history. He will also evaluate the facts of the case and the charges against you. At the conclusion, the defence attorney will be able to explain how to proceed with the best defence of the case. Most importantly, find an attorney who provides a free consultation.

Is the lawyer focused primarily on criminal law?

When your liberty, reputation and future are at stake, you will want to have a defence lawyer whose practice is primarily focused on criminal law and not civil law. Only through countless years of training in criminal courts, can an attorney master the tricks of the trade and understand the kind of arguments that will work best with particular judges. Moreover, the experience of handling dozens of cases similar to yours by a lawyer will help determine the right approach.

What are the legal fees and the payment options?

The subject of legal fees is a very sensitive affair for many clients. You will want to find the best deal for your money. You will definitely not like to commit to any defence attorney whose high legal fees cause financial problems to you. If your prospective lawyer does not give you a straight and clear answer to your enquiry about the charges, then, it is a matter of concern. Law office of David Genis, a leading law firm guaranteed financial transparency between the lawyer and the client with no added costs. Lawyers often charge fees on an hourly basis or a fixed payment.

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