What to Expect if You Get Caught With Marijuana

Anyone who uses marijuana in a country where it is illegal knows that they will have to face with the consequences. The law stipulates penalties for all actions concerning “narcotic drugs”, as narcotics are defined in this legal act. http://www.jeffreismanlaw.ca/ will explain to you what will happen if you get caught with marijuana.

First of all, what is included in “narcotic drugs”? In short – everything. At least everything that is between us is known as a drug. They are prescribed by the Law on Psychoactive Controlled Substances and listed until the latest in the List of Psychoactive Controlled Substances issued by the Minister of Health. What might, perhaps, an average person would surprise is to be neatly placed on the list of forbidden substances, as well as many substances that can be found in, for example, steroids. Yes, that is right. In many countries, steroids are considered as drugs and their use is prohibited.

However, the terminological inconsistency of the Law on Psychoactive Drugs and the Criminal Code about what exactly the substances belong to “narcotic drugs” led to a standstill in the trials, and many suspected this mistake, logically, tried to exploit. People continue to face up to three years in prison for “owning small quantities for their own needs”.

There is an open question in the world about whether drug users need to be imprisoned for possessing or imposing rehabilitation. One of the important questions is how much the prison system is burdening it.

In the meantime, for all substances from the “black list”, depending on the circumstances, more or less the same measure applies. Waste classification does not exist in terms of sanctions. In addition to being “stronger” than marijuana, it is colloquially called heavy drug.

Whoever unauthorizedly holds in a small quantity for his own use a substance or preparations which have been declared for narcotic drugs shall be punished by a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, and may be exempt from punishment.

The first thing that cops do when they get caught with drugs is to take it away from you and ask you to sign a certificate of temporarily seized items. You do not have to do it legally, although you’ll probably say that you are.

If you sign it, you admit that the item is taken away from you, it is always the main proof in the proceedings. And if you do not sign it, the judge is the one who decides to give to one’s faith, you or a policeman. Because of the “precondition of the accuracy of the testimony of an official person,” that faith is mostly to him.But in order to prevent all of that from happening you need to avoid using drugs (marijuana is also considered as a drug and can be dangerous.

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