What Will Occur if I Get Caught Driving on a Suspended Licence

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), state court or other administrative agency can suspend your licence for a number of different reasons. It is required that they will send you a notice via mail to your last-known place of abode.

Should you have moved residence without notifying the DMV about your new address, you can be found guilty of driving on a suspended licence. However, if your licence has indeed been suspended for such a matter, you can make an application for a limited driving privilege. This will let you drive to:

  • Your place of employment
  • School
  • Any doctor’s appointments
  • And to attend any type of court-ordered treatment programme

Penalties for Driving with a Suspended Licence

While driving on a suspended licence is charged as an offence, depending on the case, you can face prison time, and hefty fines with an additional suspension of your license by a number of years.

Any type of failure to pay court-ordered child support will result in your licence being suspended up until a time when you can clearly display and prove that you are in compliance. This means that you must be up to date on your support payments or have made the proper arrangements to bring them up to date with a payment plan.

Reasons for Mandatory Licence Suspension

The laws in every state may slightly differ with regards to when a driver’s licence should be suspended. But in most cases, all states consider the following offences as a reason to either revoke or suspend your driving licence privileges:

  • Conviction for vehicular manslaughter
  • A conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI)
  • Using a motor vehicle to commit a crime
  • Departing from the scene of an accident (hit and run)
  • Street racing conviction
  • Refusing to undertake a breathalyser test
  • Using a fictitious name when applying for a driver’s licence
  • Driving without any insurance
  • Failing to appear in court in response to a traffic offence
  • Accumulation of excessive demerit points against your licence within a set period of time
  • Failure to make child support payments
  • Convicted of possession or distribution of a controlled substance

Why it’s In Your Best Interests to Have Expert Legal Representation

More than a few people believe that traffic offences are no big deal and feel confident enough to represent themselves..

  • The advantages of having a lawyer who is familiar with the legal system and motoring laws, can expertly assist you in avoiding any unwanted heavy fines or even prison time, and possibly get your licence reinstated.

So, being wise in such matters makes perfect sense and having a legal professional beside you will give you a lot more peace of mind.

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