When Do You Need A Workers Comp Attorney?

The last thing you want to have on your plate is a legal battle involving workers compensation. However, you may have no choice. If you have been hurt or become ill due to conditions in the workplace, you are entitled to compensation. It should be a simple matter of filing the paperwork so that you can get your benefits while you are recovering. Workers compensation only pays a portion of your salary, but it will make a world of difference when you can no longer earn any wages due to your accident or illness. When you hit a wall with your employer and no one is making your life easier, you need to consider a workers comp attorney like James P. Hoffman. Be sure to choose someone who specializes in workers compensation cases.

When are You Entitled to Workers Compensation?

You are entitled to workers compensation if you were a victim of an accident at work that caused an injury, especially if that injury involves a prolonged period that you will be out of work. In some cases, your injury may lead to permanent disability. When your injury is due to the negligence of another at work or a safety procedure that was not followed, you are eligible for workers compensation. Even if it was a fluke accident, you are entitled because your accident took place on work property and company time. The same holds true if you become ill because of something hazardous in the workplace.

What is the Purpose of Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is intended to help you pay your medical bills and manage the cost of living while you are out of work. If your work-related injury or illness has an impact on your ability to work, whether it is for a short period of time, months, or even longer, you should receive workers compensation. Your employer pays into the system. No one should stop you from getting the compensation you need to make ends meet.

An Attorney Can Help You to Navigate the Process

An attorney like James P. Hoffman can act as negotiator when it comes to workers compensation. He’ll file the paperwork and deal with your employer, as well as those involved in approving workers compensation. He has the experience and knowledge of the legal system, ensuring you are in good hands during the process.

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