You Need a Lasting Power of Attorney

Many individuals consider who should handle their estate once they pass on, but not nearly as many consider what to do if they were to become incapacitated but remain alive, such as after falling into a medically-induced coma. No matter the cause of your mental incapacity, a lasting power of attorney will help you handle this issue according to your own unique wishes, even if you are not capable of saying them out loud in such a situation. You have the right to choose who will act on your behalf in such a situation, allowing you to pick a person you trust from the beginning to help you handle the potentially complex situation.

Property and Health

  • You may choose trusted lasting powers of attorney services in Sutton Coldfield to help you cover the handling of your finances and properties.
  • Additionally, you may have a lasting powers of attorney in regard to your health and welfare, or you may have both types set up.
  • Regardless of either, the result will be that your wishes are respected, even if you are not there to ensure they are carried out.

Valid Immediately

As soon as it is completed, this document is valid and may then be used after registration, which may be necessary if you choose to wait too long before you fill out and file the document. The right services help you to not only get this properly filled out and ready for use, but to also ensure that every word written is valid and in good standing for your peace of mind in the long run.


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